The Wine Warehouse

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Wine Warehouse is so confident in the quality of our wine kits that we guarantee them 100%.
If for ANY REASON you are not happy with your finished wine- we will replace it for FREE!

We simply ask that you do the following things:

1) Save the code numbers on the box top
They peel off so it’s a good idea to stick the label to your kit’s instructions.

2) Follow your wine kit’s instructions
Different manufactures have different instructions so you must follow the instructions that come
with the kit you purchase.

3) Let your wine age at least 30 days in the bottle
Your wine needs some time to recover from ‘bottle shock’ and of course have a chance to
mature a little bit.

4) Bring in two bottles of your wine
Our staff will use one bottle to sample the wine and see if they can identify any problems that can be avoided in the future.
The second bottle is sent to the manufacturer for further analysis in their lab (if necessary).

We reserve the right to ask for the wine back. With this in mind we ask that you have at least 24 bottles (of the original 30) if you would like a replacement kit. We will also replace your bottles, corks and labels (if applicable).

Sorry – but we are unable to replace wine that has been discarded before you contact us.